Make an Animated GIF on PC

How to Make an Animated GIF on PC

The GIF ( Graphics Interchange Format ) format is a graphic file format created in 1987 that is commonly used on the Internet. Created by the CompuServe company to give colour to some of its work tools, it is a format without loss of quality that accepts up to 256 colours and that 1998 was released to the general public after the purchase of AOL the owner company and the expiration of the patent. Its use spread on the Internet because of the reproduction, creation and sharing facilities it offered and because Netscape, the main browser of the time, was compatible with it. In 2012, the Oxford dictionary collected the word giving GIFs its own entity.

Make an Animated GIF on PC

Sometimes technical reasons are not enough to cause the death of a format, this is what happened with GIF. It has become a very popular format thanks to social networks and messaging apps, where it has found an important space as an alternative form of expression.

How to Create a GIF From Your Computer

There are a thousand different ways to create a GIF with a PC. They can be done with Photoshop, After Effects, GIMP, with video editors, with programs specifically developed with that function in mind … The possibilities are vast, and it all depends exactly on how elaborate you want it to be. If you want a well-worked GIF, you may want to opt for Photoshop or After Effects, the more complex options. If your idea is to get something faster that does not require much work and great knowledge in editing, your thing is that you use some of the existing programs to create GIFs in a specific way such as Instagiffer.


Instagiffer is a GIF file generator that can use both local videos that you have on your computer and online video, as it includes its own download manager for these cases (although it doesn’t work very well, to be honest). It also allows you to generate GIFs from images and even capture the PC screen. All you have to do to create your GIF file is the following.

Load the video or enter the web address where it is hosted if it is an online video at the top of the interface by clicking on Load Video. Of course, we have already warned you that the issue of online videos does not work at all well, so it will be a good idea to go through our list of best programs to download videos in Windows, where you can find many options to download videos From which to take your GIFs and then import them into Instagiffer, the perfect solution so that they never fail.


In the event that you want to use images, you must import them in the same way, but to add the rest you will have to go to the menu Frame> Import Frame to place the new images one after another (in this case, be careful to import images the same size if you want to achieve a good end-result). If what you want is to capture the screen, click on Capture Screen at the top, define the size of the image to capture and start recording.

Once loaded, you can preview the first frame on the right side of the interface. Now it’s a matter of playing with the controls on the left. You can first define the starting point of the GIF using the slider or the time boxes to define hours, minutes or seconds. You can also adjust the duration. The Smoothness control allows you to define the framerate of the GIF. The higher the value, the more frames it will include, which allows it to have higher quality at the cost of taking up more space. The Frame Size control in turn allows you to change the size of the frames: as before, the larger they are, the more the final file will weigh. In Quality you can adjust the intensity of the colours, Brightness will allow you to adjust the brightness (this control does not increase the size of the final GIF file in general) and Playback Rate allows you to speed up or slow down the playback of the frames.

The Caption option allows you to add all kinds of texts to the GIF, including of course input and output adjustments throughout the duration of the clip.

The last option available is to crop the GIF and modify its size, which you can do by dragging and dropping the red frame that the frame has in the preview window on the right.

Once all the settings have been made, click on Create GIF! to generate the final file. After a few seconds, a pop-up window will show you the final result and the path where the file has been saved. By the way! Make sure you have the Social Media Warnings option checked in Settings, that way the software will warn you every time you create a GIF that is not compatible with any popular social network.


Essential Characteristics of an E-learning Platform

Elearning platforms are one of the most important forms of technology incursion in education today. These allow people to train remotely by managing their own time. So what characteristics do today’s most effective elearning platforms have? In this article, we will tell you.


Key trends in elearning

The most effective and useful elearning platforms are those that adequately meet the needs of students and teachers. Thus, technology is often one of the key drivers in this area.

These are the transformations that are shaping the elearning landscape today:

Social learning

This learning takes the components of human interaction and group dynamics, applying them to the digital age. So technologies like online forums, chatrooms, and file-sharing platforms make collaboration more productive than ever.

Video learning

This area is made up of recorded or streamed lessons, along with resources such as training videos, thanks to which people can easily learn on their own today.

Artificial intelligence

This technology is one of the pillars of adaptive learning, as it can guide students through lessons, make training predictions, and personalize their experience in near real-time.


The division of knowledge and training tend to improve the willingness and performance of students to learn. This includes the duration of the training sessions, as well as the educational material.


The learning through play has already been recognized as a success. Therefore, in elearning, games stimulate the understanding, the practical use of knowledge and the commitment of students.

Mobile learning

Mobile applications for online training are very popular. Thus, language or meditation apps, for example, are a very useful segment of mobile learning that we see every day.

Extended reality

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions can be applied to elearning in different ways. 360 ° views and explorable interfaces are just a few examples. These applications of technology promote immersive learning, that is, to do about observing, only.

LMS: the most sophisticated e-learning platforms

The Learning Administration or Management Systems (LMS) are elearning platforms characterized by their superior level of comprehensiveness, allowing both the creation and consumption of educational material. They also monitor and manage learning processes.

In this way, they are ideal for the continuous training of employees and collaborators, for example. In times when teleworking in Spain and the world is on the way to becoming the norm, organizations must implement educational innovation options.