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Convert any Image into an Emoji

How to Convert any Image into an Emoji

Thanks to messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram, daily conversations are every day more and more efficient, animated, and multimedia; what once was SMS, today has left room for this type of much richer and more immediate content.

Convert any Image into an Emoji

Among the most popular functions, especially among young people, there is the possibility to exchange and send each other emoticons or stickers; especially today are very fashionable the emoji, or avatars that replicate our form and now invade every chat. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence it is possible to process and generate faces, for example, we have seen with the App for face modification. So today I’ll explain how to turn photos into emojis, taking into consideration both the solutions on Android and those on iOS.

Create Emojis with Bitmoji

One of the most popular apps when it comes to emojis is Bitmoji; it will in fact be possible to create your avatar very easily, even starting from a self-timer. Bitmoji is also a free application, downloadable directly from the Play Store and App Store. Once you have downloaded and installed the aforementioned app, you will first have to create an account; then it will be necessary to choose the gender of the character and take a selfie.

At that point you just have to customize your sticker as you see fit, choosing from different types of hair, cuts and eye colors, and other features; at the end of the operation, you will be asked to save the avatar which at that point will be ready to appear in your conversations.

Create Emojis with Gboard

If perhaps you have installed the Google keyboard by default (also present on the App Store ), know that it is possible to create emojis with it too, without having to download other applications; it is, therefore, a very convenient solution to avoid saturating the memory of your smartphone.

 Emoji Icons

Then open the relevant app and go to the Stickers> Create path; at that point, you will have to immortalize a self-timer that will suggest to Google the info of your appearance, and the same application will show you the emoji that most resembles you. However, you can further customize the avatar by customizing different parameters such as hair, complexion, and other particular details. You will then find the sticker in the appropriate section that appears when the Google keyboard appears upon typing.

Creare Emoji con Mirror Emoji

Another app particularly devoted to the world of emojis is Mirror Emoji; also in this case it is a free software present on both Android and iOS. Once the application has been downloaded and opened, you will first need to take a selfie; then choose from the proposed results, and possibly continue to further customize the details. At the end of the operation then click on Get stickers.

Create Memoji animated stickers with iPhone

This is a feature introduced by Apple on the iPhone X with iOS 12 that allows you to create a Sticker very similar to your face using the True Depth Camera technology composed of particular sensors located in the notch of the smartphone.

With the arrival of OS 13, it is possible to create a Memoji even with at least one iPhone 6s, so you can manually create a character that most resembles you. Just open the Messages app and click on the Memoji icon, then after tapping the + sign you can create your Memoji through a guided process. Once made, it will be present in the list of Emoji to be used in messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Telegram, etc …