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Manually Rotate Your iPhone or iPad

How to Manually Rotate Your iPhone or iPad

Rotating the screen allows you to enjoy the applications you have on your iPhone or iPad in a different way. However, it is possible that the sensor that allows this rotation is damaged and even if you turn the mobile the screen will not change position. That is why today we are going to explain how to manually rotate the screen of the iPhone and iPad.

Manually Rotate Your iPhone or iPad

This rotation allows you to take advantage of applications such as Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube, Twitch, among others. But we recommend you be careful since not all the applications you have on your iPhone or iPad will be compatible with screen rotation.

Steps to activate the AssistiveTouch on your iPhone or iPad

The first thing you should know is that to manually rotate the screen of your iPhone or iPad you must have the AssistiveTouch active (also known as the floating virtual button). If you don’t have this function active, don’t worry, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Enter Accessibility.
  • Click on Play.
  • Select AssistiveTouch.
  • Press on the power button.

Once this is done on your iPhone or iPad, a floating button should appear on the screen (AssistiveTouch). It is through this that you can manually rotate the screen of your mobile. In fact, if you want to customize it to your liking, here we leave you everything you need to know to customize the floating virtual button on your iPhone.

What to do after activating the AssistiveTouch

Now you just have to open the app of your choice and follow these steps. Keep in mind that not all applications are compatible with screen rotation, we at iPadízate explain it to you with Telegram.

Screen Rotation on iPad

  • Enter the app of your choice.
  • Press the AssistiveTouch.
  • Click on Device.
  • Tap on Rotate screen.
  • Select the direction you want to rotate the screen.

In this way, your iPhone or iPad will turn the screen to where you want and you can get the most out of that application you selected. Keep in mind that this is not the only customization that you can do to the screen of your iPhone, since you can also hide the iPhone dock. If you don’t know how to do it, here we tell you how to hide the iPhone dock in a few steps.

Why it is important to activate the AssistiveTouch iPhone or iPad

The AssistiveTouch is one of the best tools that you can activate on your iPhone or iPad since it allows you not only to rotate the screen of your devices manually but can also have direct access to:

  • The Notification Center.
  • The Control Center.
  • Lock the screen.
  • Increase or decrease the volume.
  • Mute your device.
  • Take a screenshot.
  • Gestures.
  • Selector de apps.

The AssistiveTouch gives you endless shortcuts to certain applications to simplify your day-to-day. So we recommend you review everything that this floating button offers you since we are sure that you will get the most out of it. Likewise, we take the opportunity to tell you how to activate the iPhone’s secret emoticon keyboard, something that you may not yet know.

As you can see, Apple is a brand that gives you multiple options within its devices. This allows you to optimize and customize its use to your liking. That is why before concluding, we want to give you one last trick that will help you customize your iPhone or iPad calculator. Learn to change the colors of the iPhone calculator, it is very easy and you will surely like it.