How to Transform an ePub File into PDF

In the last period with access to libraries and universities increasingly restricted, the eBook sector has literally exploded. For the uninitiated, eBooks are digital books of any type and content. Even Amazon, the famous giant of online commerce, has decided to focus a lot on this technology thanks to the and development of the Kindle series, or the eBook reader of the American house.

Transform an ePub File into PDF

Anyone who owns one of these devices will know that the most popular format of texts (at least those purchased on online shops such as Amazon or Feltrinelli ) is ePub. This extension is designed ad-hoc for eBooks, and it will hardly be possible to use it via Smartphone or PC except through special reading tools or services.

We have already seen how to edit PDF, unlock PDF, convert PDF to Word, merge multiple PDF files, convert JPG file to PDF and compress PDF. This time, let’s see how to turn an ePub into a PDF file, using special sites and through a very useful free software for the local file conversion. In this way, you can use your eBook on PDF files one of the most popular formats related to texts and documents and which boasts absolute compatibility with the most disparate devices.

Convert ePub to PDF directly online

First I want to show you a couple of online services that allow you to convert ePub files to PDF; these are very convenient solutions that will also save you the trouble of going in search of special programs. It is also the best solution to be able to store and use your PDF files even on Android, Apple, or Smartphone or Tablet devices that do not have an ePub reader.

PDF Candy: The first service I want to point out to you is PDF Candy; it is a very simple tool thanks to which you will be able to convert your texts quickly and efficiently.

In fact, all you have to do, once you go to the web page, is to import your book (through the Add file button or the synchronization with Dropbox or Google Drive ), wait for the outcome of the operation, and finally download the new file.

PDF Candy is a free service accessible from any browser (including mobile). In addition, in some cases, it will allow you to keep the original formatting without losing the layout.

PDF2Go: Another very similar service is offered by PDF2Go, an excellent online PDF converter; the procedure is similar to what was seen for the previous site.

You will then have to click on Choose a file to upload your book, or alternatively take advantage of the upload through the best-known cloud services or enter the URL that hosts the file; completed the operation you just have to wait for the function to run and finally save the converted book to the path you most want.
PDF2Go is also a free tool compatible with the most diverse browsers.

Cloud Convert: it is actually a universal converter that allows the transformation of hundreds of different extensions that also concern music or images.

At this link, however, you can directly convert your ePub book, first uploading the file by uploading it from your storage or cloud services (also present OneDrive ), then selecting the Start Conversion button.

At that point, all you have to do is wait for the operation to finish and download everything through the Download button.

Convert ePub to PDF with Caliber

As mentioned, converting ePub to PDF online is certainly an advantageous operation as it does not require the download of any type of software.

Convert EPUB to PDF

However, I cannot fail to recommend the use of Caliber, the well-known leading eBook program in the sector; it is a very complete tool thanks to which you can manage your books in every detail, and perform operations such as converting texts, managing metadata, or synchronizing with your eBook reader.

But back to the main topic, let’s see now how to convert ePub to PDF with Caliber.
Once you have downloaded the program (available on Windows, Linux, and Mac ) and uploaded your books, you will have to go to the section dedicated to the library and click on the cover of the file to be transformed; at that point click on Convert books through the button located at the top, and then select the format you prefer (PDF, in this case).

The conversion can be set in the smallest details, possibly intervening manually for the choice of metadata or conversion settings; however, I recommend that you leave these parameters unchanged to facilitate the operation.

If you do not have particular needs then you can conclude everything by clicking on OK and wait for the operation; once finished, click on the cover of the newly converted book and then on New format.
At that point, you just have to choose the destination path of the new file